WebWidgets January Newsletter

Happy New Year!   I hope you are entering 2007 refreshed and ready for business. WebWidgets is greeting the New Year with new customers, new information and new features for you to put to good use.  Read on to find out more about Search Engine Optimisation in this month’s newsletter.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

First of all, what exactly is Search Engine Optimisation?
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a set of methodologies aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings.

Search Engine Optimisation brings with it a whole new language, some familiar, and some not.  Find out what meta titles and descriptions are as well as keywords and keyphrases from the definitions below.  For more definitions, click on the Rename button, found under each page heading in your editing area.  

A meta title classifies the main information to be found on any individual webpage.  It is listed in the blue title bar at the top of your browser.  It is often used as the title in google search results.

A meta description is the sentence of text that follows your meta title in search results.  It should contain your keyphrase twice, but must be in a human readable sentence (eg. not just listed twice).

Keywords are those words in your page content that searchers will use to find your website. Keywords are one aspect search engines consider in order to rank your website.  Some tips to consider when entering keywords into your content:
1. Only include the important words.
2. Don’t use words that are not used in the content of your page.

Keyphrases are the specific phrases that searchers will use to find your website.  Most people will search using two to four words.   Think about what keyphrases match the topic of your website.  Keyphrases help to eliminate a lot of the competition associated with single word keywords

The meta description and keywords are now automatically generated in WebWidgets, based on the words used within your website’s product description or product names. This ensures that all products have different descriptions and keywords, which will help your product pages rank better on google.

For best practise SEO, try not to have several domains active on one website, as this confuses search engines.   Use one main domain name in all your online linking and add redirections from all your other domains to this main web address. It is still a good idea to have multiple domains for common misspellings and company name alisases, but please use the redirection method below.

Here’s how to change one of your lowest traffic domains:
Login to edit your website
Click on the least-used domain under “My Webaddresses”
Chen click on URL redirections
Then enter the website address of your primary domain name.

Four Top Tips

This month, five things you may like to know about our services:
1. Shopping Cart:  Considering adding a shopping cart to your website?  We provide a step by step tutorial to guide you through the process.  Click on the following link: http://www.webwidgets.co.nz/webapps/site/21/45496/info/info-page.html?info_id=59670

2. Domain Names: Domain renewal fees are charged to your account annually, so if your domain is due for renewal, please pay $35+gst to your WebWidgets account right away.  This is especially important if you pay your hosting fees by Automatic Payment.  The domain renewal charge is not included in your AP, so you will need to pay for this separately to avoid your website going offline.  We will automatically invoice you for domain renewals 2 months prior to renewal. You must pay this invoice on time to avoid your domain expiring and your website accidentally going offline. You need to pay at least a month before expiry.

3. Design:  To view WebWidgets updated design portfolio, click here: http://www.web-widgets.net/portfolio.html

4. SEO: Each time you create or update a page, aim to use keywords for the page title and keyphrases twice in your first paragraph. This paragragh is very important. It tells google the meaning of your page by your use of keywords as well as being displayed as the meta description (sentence under the title) on search engine listings.


To wrap up this months news, we thought we’d share this with you.
Me and my search engine stumbled across your website early one Sunday morning after I’d been wracking my brain thinking: “There must be a better way to develop my own small business website.” I consider I struck it lucky in those wee small hours, and can’t thank you enough for providing such an excellent, well laid out and logical web content management system. There isn’t anything that I’ve wanted to be able to do that hasn’t been catered for, and using your site to enter or upgrade information on my web pages is an absolute breeze.
Your 30-day free trial was also great and enabled me to play around with my ideas till I settled on something simple and clean that fits the bill nicely. And speaking of bills, you hosting fee is super reasonable too. Thanks heaps. I look forward to a long and successful association with you.
Leigh Spencer
Dogz Downunder

Kind regards
The WebWidgets Team






Posted: Fri 12 Jan 2007