How to send a graphical HTML formated Email

  1. Login to your web hosting account (site must be live)
  2. Click green [View Members] button on left menu
  3. Click [Click here to send a bulk email to your members]
  4. Click [Create/update/send your monthly newsletter]
  5. Format this page as if it were any ordinary webpage, but this is your HTML email template
  6. You can insert photos, link/attach files, etc
  7. Enter text like [NAME] including brackets, where you want their personalised name to appear. or [EXPIRY] or [REFERENCE] or [PASSWORD] etc
  8. Save your page
  9. Click on the [Start Job] tab in the top right
  10. Click "Search for members from your website mailing list (Bulk Email) "
  11. Enter any filters, eg by security level or by group or by name.
  12. Search to see how many members are found.
  13. If you are happy to proceed, enter a subject and reply address
  14. Set the email speed, eg 5 emails per minute. (Keeping this speed as low as possible will ensure your email is not detected as a bulk email)
  15. Click Continue.
  16. Review your bulk email job list, and click [View] to review the email that will be sent
  17. When you are happy for the job to begin, click START.
  18. Sit back and wait while the emails are posted.
  19. Your job list can be reviewed at anytime. A counter will show you how many have been sent so far.


  • We suggest that when you first use the bulk emailer, you should filter by yourself or staff only. Just as a test to get comfortable. When you are happy, expand the scope of the email.
  • It is best to keep your email as simple as possible, if it looks or reads like spam, then it probably is. Don't do the hard sell. Keep your emails educational/informerciable... don't have obvious calls to action like "buy now", as they will add to your spam rating. Your first sentence is likely to give the reader a hint as to whether they delete right now, or continue reading...
  • A record of each email is kept with the job list, so you can use the same "template" to send future emails if they are in a similar format. eg you only need to change the paragraphs of information and not the other design features of the page.


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