WebWidgets November Newsletter

Christmas is just around the corner, deadlines are looming and websites are thriving.  We'd like to welcome newcomers to WebWidgets and wish you every success with your new websites. This month's news is all good - we have lots to share including:

  • a gift for you
  • a reminder about megamart.co.nz, our fantastic online Christmas shopping destination
  • four quick tips
  • five new websites 
  • and plenty more!



Merry Christmas everyone. We would like to give a $10 gift voucher as a thank you gift to all our current live and paying customers.
We have purchased vouchers from a range of gift merchants who host with Web Widgets, and we'd like you to select which voucher you would like. Please review the following websites and then email emma@webwidgets.co.nz with the webaddress where you'd like to redeem your voucher.  There are limited vouchers per store, so make sure you get in quick.

Specialising in quality iconic New Zealand made gifts
Make up your own giftbasket, selecting from a range of high quality 
containers and products
Delectable handmade chocolate treats from Devonport Chocolates 

An extensive range of magazines and books
A stylish range of gifts for cat lovers
Smart Planet Toys is an on-line distributor and retailer of specialty toys.


Did you know you can search all web widgets online stores via www.megamart.co.nz ?
Megamart offers the perfect gift search, where you can search by price, age or gender, which makes gift shopping a breeze.  Avoid the department stores this year, and purchase your gifts online from small businesses like your own.
If you have an online store with us, make sure you have updated your product information to appear in the correct categories. It is better to specify an age, otherwise your products will be excluded from the gift search.
Over 3000 unique visitors search megamart every month. 


You will note that we send our invoices by email.  We do this because it saves the trees by saving a ream of copy paper, a giant box of envelopes, 20% of our laser printer toner and $150 worth of postage stamps every month.
Depending on the quality of your email backups, you should not need to print out this invoice either. Saving all your digital invoices into a folder, where adequate backups are kept should be satisfactory for tax purposes. If you do decide to keep a print out for your own records, you do not need to send us any remittance copies. Just write your UID code and main website address on the back of your cheque, and post it to us. Better yet, you can save an envelope and postage stamp yourself by using the credit card or online banking payment option. Just login to your internet banking, add our bank account number as a payee, then include your UID in any payment reference.
You can also save yourself alot of administration time by setting up an automatic payment, or paying us annually, using our discounted annual hosting plans.


Four how-to tips:

  • Hide A Product: Edit under Shopping Cart Product.  Change "Priority Listing" to Hidden. 
  •  Alter photos: This cannot be done from within WebWidgets.  You need to edit photo size/layout etc before uploading into WebWidgets.  Do this within the picture editing programme on your computer.  Photo resizing tutorial here: http://www.web-widgets.net/photo_resizing.html 
  • Change font throughout website: Click on "Design Settings", "fine tune colours, fonts and images", "change advanced styles here" and type your chosen font into the third white box.  Click "Add".  
  • Remove Under Construction banner: Click "Publish Changes" to remove this banner from your newly live website.



Our featured websites this month are:


Terms and Conditions of Gift Voucher offer:

- In order to be eligble for the gift voucher your hosting account must not be in arrears.
- You must have a current live website on a standard hosting plan or higher.
- You must not be receiving any other special hosting discounts (excluding rebates which are ok)
- Maximum of 1 voucher per customer
- Vouchers expire 1/1/2007
- Vouchers are non transferrable
Kind regards
The WebWidgets Team
Reuben: 021 70 9996  Albie: 021 689 617  Emma: 021 185 5623

Posted: Wed 22 Nov 2006