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Welcome to WebWidgets News for May.  Everyone is busy building and editing websites at the moment.  We at WebWidgets have been busy adding new features and improving our website too.  Read on for more information about what you can expect to see within WebWidgets this month.


Updated look and feel for www.webwidgets.co.nz


In addition to new features, the WebWidgets website has an updated layout.  We hope this makes it easier to find what you are looking for on the site.  If you have a query when building or editing your website, the first place to look for an answer is the WebWidgets website.  To get there quickly from your editing area, simply click on the 'hammer man' logo at the top-left of the page.  You will find lots of relevant information regarding ecommerce, domain names and webhosting plans, as well as our online quoting facility.  You can also find information regarding Search Engine Optimisation and lots of FAQs.  If your questions aren't answered on www.webwidgets.co.nz, email us and we'll answer them for you.


New Hosting Plans

We have revised our hosting plans this month, which is why some of you heard from us regarding your filespace usage (many thanks to all concerned regarding your prompt attention to this matter).  Our content management packages are still known as "Standard"(24.99+gst), "Enhanced"(29.99+gst) and "Ecommerce"(39.98+gst).  There is now a filespace limit to each of the packages.  We have also added ecommerce and credit card integration to ALL three hosting packages.  If you are selling a limited number of products (eg. under 5 products), you will only pay the Standard hosting fee rather than the full ecommerce fee.  Our new hosting packages also ALL include members features and secure access login facilities.  If you would like us to review your current hosting plan, please reply to this newsletter.
Please view our table for more info regarding hosting packages: http://www.web-widgets.net/web-hosting.html.
To check your filespace, click Manage Files then 'check your filespace usage here' link.
How-To-Guides...Website Tutorials
WebWidgets now has a handy tutorial print-out page that you can refer to as a step by step guide when building your website.  The tutorial will help guide you through the process of building your website, from trial signup to making your website live.  Because it's a printable page document you will be able to refer to it repeatedly.  We hope it helps answer many of your questions and is an additional aid to make your web-building project a success.
Follow the link to your easy tutorial: /webapps/site/21/45496/info/info-page.html?info_id=59667
Our Video Tutorial will show you how to add an image to a page on WebWidgets.  The animated movie format aims to make it easier for you to understand the process, as you'll actually be able to see how it's done.
Follow this link for the image uploading tutorial: /webapps/site/21/51283/html/flash.html
Some other WebWidgets feature updates to be aware of are:
1) There are new link wizards now in the single design pages.  This means you can find your product listed in the links wizard  -particularly useful if you have lots of products and want to link them to pages in your website.
2) There is now the ability to move information pages and gallery pages into different menu button pages.  Please contact us for more information about this added feature.
Websites of the Month

Fab Five Websites of the Month to check out for May!

















Is WebWidgets right for someone you know?


Did you know, WebWidgets offers 20% hosting discounts to customers who refer new customers?  That's a considerable monthly saving off your hosting fees.  Please take a look at the following information page, which outlines the industries, businesses and organisations who benefit from using WebWidgets.  You may want to email this link to someone you know who is looking to build a website.




Many thanks for your interest and all the best for a prosperous Winter!



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Posted: Thu 18 May 2006