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Welcome to WebWidgets winter news.  If you have a new website and have just joined us, this is the newsletter you will receive from us on a monthly basis.  You will find new site updates and information, websites of the month and any general information we have to offer.  This month we have compiled a very valuable checklist for how to make your website work. The checklist contains all the things that nobody tells you about building websites.  Don't miss it!  This is for those of you who are building new sites, or if you want to increase sales on your existing website.  Also included in this month's newsletter, five great new websites of the month, our updated postal details and information about transferring existing websites.


Is your website the best it can be?


Checklist for a successful website

Use our checklist below to review your website before going live.  This is a valuable checklist for live websites too.  In order for websites to remain current, fresh and interesting to customers, they benefit from regular maintenance.     

1 - Is the most important "call to action" visible on your home page and
preferably on the footer of every page? Is there a link from that call to
action to purchase the product or to complete your membership form or
enquiry form?

2 - Are your most relevant and generic keywords used on your home page, most
especially in the title and first paragraph?  (eg. If you sell shoes, use the
word shoes.)

3 - Have you put all your contact details on your home page?  People like
to know who they're buying off.  The more info you give, the more you
create trust

4 - Have you included a photo of your self /staff or your "bricks and mortor"
store on your contact, about us, or home page?   You will make more sales with this, as people like to trust
businesses they don't know personally.  If you are a new brand, this is very important.

5 - Is all your most important information at the top of the page?
It's ok to scroll if people get interested, but all your "calls to action" should be at the top of the page.

6 - Have you asked your friends to review your website?  Ask people with very little
knowledge of your business.  Following their review, ask them if they
knew what your website's primary aim was... eg to join, to buy, to enquire.

7 - If you have a shopping cart.... have you included a refund/returns policy? Have
you detailed what payment methods you accept? It is a good idea to include
visa/mastercard etc logos in your website footer.

8 - Have you submitted your website directly to every directory and search
engine on the search engine pages?

9 - Have you provided FAQ or information pages explaining the products you are selling to your customers?  It's a good idea to
provide information pages explaining which products your customers may require and why.  Provide information based on your customer's perspective.
10 - If you have alot of products...have you detailed the most common products or
configurations that people generally purchase?  Make these products the
most easy to purchase with buy links from all your information pages.

Design Elements


Now you have included all the elements from the checklist above, take a good look at your website's overall look and feel.  Does it look memorable?  If you were a customer, would you want to visit this website again?   Is your logo and branding visible and recognisable?  How are your pages layed out?  


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We can assist with design projects to suit all budgets, from simple banner setup to complete custom design and setup.




Transfer an Existing Website


Did you know it is very simple to transfer an existing website to WebWidgets?  You may know someone who has a website and yet they cannot update their own content.  WebWidgets can transfer and host pre-existing websites, making it easy for people to make changes to their content.  Tell a friend about this service and receive a 20% discount off your hosting fees.

Websites of the Month

Our pick of websites this month are:

















Postal Details


Our postal details have changed.  Please send all cheques and correspondence to:

PO Box 68481, Newton 1145, Auckland, NZ


Thanks for your time.  All the best with your websites over the chilly winter months!



Kind regards


The WebWidgets Team

Reuben: 021 70 9996  Albie: 021 689 617  Emma: 021 185 5623


Please note: All WebWidgets customers receive this monthly newsletter.  If you would like to cancel your WebWidgets trial, please contact support@webwidgets.co.nz requesting cancellation.



Posted: Tue 20 Jun 2006