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Welcome to WebWidgets news.  This month we provide you with key information about the value of mailing lists.  We're happy to pass on some really good news on the domain name front and also a new ecommerce package on offer.  Our featured websites are well worth a visit this month.  Our current 'pick of the bunch'  highlight a variety of quality design and functional features; from efficient ecommerce to customised splash page and template design. 


The value of mailing lists


What are mailing lists, for starters?  They are simply a list of email contacts that relate to your enterprise. 

Mailing lists are invaluable for two main reasons:

They allow you to keep your existing customers informed about new products and services.
They bring increased traffic to your website. 
How to create a mailing list using WebWidgets:

All webwidgets websites already have this feature.  You don't even need to do anything!

Every email you receive from your website is recorded in the green "View Messages" area of your website login area.  This is a great place to start building your mailing list from visitors to your website.  You can filter addresses however you want to by using the filter option.  This is particularly useful for sorting the legitimate email contacts from the spam.


You can add contacts to your mailing list by clicking on the "View Members" area of your website login area.  Simply click the "Add new member link" in this area and fill out their details from there.  You will then have an automatic list that you can send emails/newsletters to and keep in contact with on a regular basis.


For information about maximising members and mailing list features, click here:




Ecommerce for new web retailers


WebWidgets now offers a new ecommerce package, that allows you to accept credit cards without paying for your own merchant account. We use our own merchant account and credit 95% of the transaction value to your web hosting account. The receipts on your hosting account can then be used for design, domains and hosting services. This is a good way to get your credit card payment option running without any up-front costs for payment gateways.  If you are interested in finding out more about our new ecommerce package, please reply to this email.



Important Domain Name information

We have discounted our domain registration and domain renewal prices in order to remain competitive. This means savings for you.  Domains now cost $35+gst per year.
We also offer a 3 year registration/renewal option for only $100+gst.


A note about search engine optimised websites


Our statistics are showing that those who have taken advantage of our search engine optimisation review and google adwords campaign are getting markedly more traffic to their websites.  Many of you are asking us what exactly is Google Adwords (or pay per click)?  Have you seen the small text adverts (called sponsored links) listed on the right-hand side and very top of the page on Google?  This is what a pay per click, Google Adwords campaign is.  It is the most valuable way to get visitors to your website, over and above Search Engine Optimisation.   Your sponsored link advert is displayed to anyone who types the keywords you've bid on, into Google when doing a search.  WebWidgets offers to set up your Google Adwords campaign for a set fee of $300+gst.  This includes 6 months worth of 'clicks'.  We also offer Search Engine Optimisation reviews for $100+gst. 

 Please contact us for more information.


Websites of the Month

Our pick of premium websites this month are:




















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Posted: Tue 18 Jul 2006