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Spring is finally here.  This month's edition features some useful tips to "Spring Clean" your website.  Just as shops require maintenance and spring cleaning, so do websites, as they are your virtual storefronts.  WebWidgets has also been spruced up and spring cleaned with some sassy new graphics - we show you where and how these type of design enhancements can improve your website.  Also included this month, is Quick Tip; a new regular feature of the WebWidgets newsletter.  Save these quick tips to a file on your computer, and you will have your own "how-to" list in no time.  There is alot to remember when updating your website, especially when you're not doing it every day.  The Quick Tips aim to act as handy reminders for you to refer to. 


WebWidgets Spring Clean

You may have noticed some new illustrations and features on WebWidgets website pages.  These are examples of how graphic illustrations can enhance your website and the interactive experience for your customers.  Take a look at some of the following pages and think about how similar features might benefit your website.  If you see it on WebWidgets, it can be done for your website.

Online slideshow: /uploads/21/walkthrough.html

Graphic designed image links: http://www.web-widgets.net/index.html

Animated movie tutorial: /webapps/site/21/51283/html/flash.html


Spring Cleaning Your Website

Here are some suggestions for "spring cleaning" your website this month.

Read and revise your website content.  Proof-read the text and update any old/irrelevant information.
Upload new photos and products to your gallery/catalogue and contact your customers to let them know you've updated your website.
Google your website using a variety of keywords to test your search engine ranking.  Review your keywords content and update.  Consider an adwords campaign or SEO keywords review.
Visit your competitors websites and compare.  Does your website reflect your business the way you want it to? 
Does your website need a complete overhaul, with a new banner, logo and css navigation?
Consider promoting online specials, eg. top selling / ticket items on the home page as a graphic link.
Consider a css navigation eg: http://www.nunchaka.co.nz/ (this can be created on some websites).
If your website is large, consider adding new widgets, for example a search box or breadcrumb trail.
Are you happy with your current logo?  WebWidgets can create one and add it to your website.
Email emma@webwidgets.co.nz  for a website appraisal.

Changing Payment Gateway

Web Widgets will shortly be changing from using Worldpay to ANZ eGate. This will apply to all our customers who pay their accounts by credit card, and those who use our "Web Widgets special" card payment checkout option on their shopping carts. The screen you enter your credit card details will be slightly modified from the existing payment pages. The transaction description on your visa statements will also change slightly.

Five Quick Tips

If you have a question you'd like included in this section, please email emma@webwidgets.co.nz.   

How do I remove a page?  Click on the blue page button you want to delete.  Click the 4th link on the list, titled "Delete this page permanently"

How do I change the name of a menu button?  Click the "rename" button under the blue page button you want to rename.  Type your new name into "Menu Button Label", click Save then Publish Changes.

How do I check how many visitors my website is getting? Click the red "stats" button under your domain name under the title "My Webaddresses"

How do I make a page hidden?  For a new page, tick "menu button hidden for now" option after selecting your page.  You can also tick "password required to view".  For an existing page, click the "rename" button under the blue page button you want to hide.  Select "hidden" under Menu Button Position.

How do I enter comments in the page introduction and page footer?  Click the blue page button, then select from either "Page Introduction" or "Page Footer".  Enter comments and Save and Publish Changes.  (Go through the same procedure to edit or delete Intro and Footer comments)


Websites of the Month

 Our featured websites this month are:








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Posted: Wed 20 Sep 2006