Countdown to end of preferential status .nz domains

In September last year, the .nz registry introduced the new shorter .nz domain name options.

In most cases you could register any domain you wanted using the shorter suffix.

However, for the benefit of long term businesses who were registrants of a domain or similar for some time prior, the registry reserved the shorter name for a period of 6 months, giving the shorter domain a PRR status. (Preferential Registration or Reservation)

At 1pm on March 30th this year, that PRR status will end. This means that anyone can register the shorter .nz version of your domain name if you have not already registered or reserved it.

There are some 370,000 .nz domains still in PRR status that will soon be able to be registered by anyone, including your competitors or domain name squatters who may charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars to acquire the domain later. We cannot emphasis how strongly we encourage you to register or reserve your shorter .nz domain.  

Our Advice

We believe in the long term the shorter .nz domains will take precedence over the longer format domains.  

Our advice is you should register the shorter domain and start using is asap.

You should then let your unused longer domains lapse in 2 years time or when they are no longer in use. The cost of registering the shorter .nz domain is so small, that we cannot provide further consultancy. Please just register the domain if you are unsure, and you can always cancel it later. It will only cost you the simple 1 year registration fee of $19+gst 

What about Conflicted Status Domains? 

Some domains will have a "conflicted status" which means there is more than 1 domain potentially eligible to register the shorter domain. There is a special conflict resolution process on this website. "" and it pretty much requires that you either have control of all the eligible domains, and can therefor resolve your own conflict, or that you resolve your conflict via communicating directly with the other domain holders, to make a cash settlement or other amicable arrangement. Please note, you must keep your eleligible domain renewed throughout the conflict resolution, or else you lose your eligible status. 

Reserve or Resolve Conflicts for your PRR or Conflicted domains

You can resolve conflicts, or reserve your shorter .nz domain name for free for 2 years, by completing the steps at a special website provided by our registry named "". You will first need to login to our CMS control panel and retrieve your UDAI for the eligible domain. See below steps to get your UDAI. 

How to Register your PRR domain or retrieve your UDAI.

You can register your domain for just $19+gst via our CMS control pannel inside website builder.

  1. Login to the CMS, click on Domains tab
  2. Find your eligible domain in the list, eg the version, and then click registry,
  3. Then "check for availability of"  (or retrieve your UDAI to use at the website.

If you have already registered or reserved or registered your interest in a conflicted domain? 

Sorry for the intrusion into your inbox. But please double check all your shorter .nz domains are still registered. We noticed that many customers registered them for 1 month, only to let them lapse again. 

Please remember that reserved status has a time limit of 2 years.

And conflicted domains remain conflicted so long as both parties don't come to agreement and each continues to renew their eligible domain


Where can i get more information on the .nz domain changes? 

The subtleties of the changes to the .nz domain space are hard for anyone to know all the ins and outs. So please do not ask us for free support on the .nz domain change process. It is a time consuming and repetitive conversation to have. Please consult the official .nz domain name commission website for free information. If you want, you could ask us for paid consultancy to help you in this process, but really, you are best to just go ahead and register your .nz domain if you can... that would be cheaper and easier for all involved. 

We cannot do anything to help you with conflicted status domains, you must go through the conflict resolution process yourself at

We cannot register domains on your behalf, you need to do that via our CMS, and tick the box to confirm you agree with the .nz terms and conditions.  

All other information you could possibly want to know can be found here:

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Posted: Sun 01 Mar 2015