Mobile Access - PDA friendly websites

All web widgets websites are now optimised for mobile internet devices like PDA's and phones. If your sales reps or customers are on the road, they can use their mobile internet browser to look at your website.

Typically websites designed for the "big screen" don't look good on mobile devices and slow the user down.

Our websites are now optimised for a small screen, eg 240x300. The home page will contain only a logo, title and text link menu. From the menu, you can access any page. On these pages, only the content will display, with a text link menu following on at the bottom of the page. This ensures that the customer receives an efficient user experience.

If you have a shopping cart, then your sales reps and customers can place orders easily wherever they are. Eg if your sales rep is at a meeting onsite, on the factory floor, with no access to an internet terminal, they can demonstrate to the customer a picture of a new product line, then place an order immediately.

Posted: Thu 16 Feb 2006