July 2013 Newsletter

In this issue of Website Builder news, July, 2013.

  • Domains only $19 per year now.
  • Training Seminars Available only $50
  • SEO Upgrades
  • Get Free Links to your website
  • Social Media For Business
  • 9 Tips for a Successful Blog and Why You Need One
  • Free Microsoft 360 for Charities
  • Drag / Drop - Upgrades to Sitemap, Categories, Products etc
  • Improved Analytics
  • Date/Time Picker and Category Popups
  • One-on-one training
  • One Page Website Design Offer $199 = design/hosting/domain incl
  • Free website review
  • Affiliate discounts
  • Start your own web design business

Domain Prices Slashed 

Domains slashed to only $19 per year, .nz and .com and more

Training Seminar in Auckland

Get in quick, there are only 4 seats left.

2 hours training for a small group. Fantastic overview of the system to empower your ability to do it yourself.  Subject to demand we will make these more regular, if not, there are only 2 seminars available, so book your seat today. 


Get Free Links to your website - Search Engine Optimisation Upgrades

We have upgraded our SEO Tab with some cool new features

  • Manage your SEO filenames for Blogs and Products as easy as you always have for Pages and Categories
  • Link Building opportunities, quickly submit your website to a range of business directories associated with website builder and our reseller channels.
The new link building management area lets you manage all your existing directorie listings with sites like http://www.megamart.co.nz/ and now you can also add your links to our own website builder customer business directory and heaps more. Your contact details on those directories will be kept up to date. It's so much easier to manage all your listings in one place, or you can login directly to those directories to add an even longer advert. Please note that some directories are geography specific, or may require payment to make your listing live. Either which way, it's all easier to manage now. 

Social Media for Business

It has become apparent in recent years the importance of social media in any business marketing strategy. As we already know, social media is changing the way people communicate, the way they look at brand and media and how they seek information and purchase goods. Social media is forcing companies to completely rethink the way they do business. 
3 Important Facts!
*Facebook is the most visited website (of all websites).
*Facebook shares have the greatest influence on Google search rankings.
*The average consumer mentions brands 90 times/week online with family, friends and co-workers.
Social Media Solutions offers; social media page setups, social media marketing training, campaign management and strategic consulting. www.social-media-solutions.co.nz

9 Tips for a Successful Blog and Why You Need One

Great article from Luigi Cappel about how to create a successful blog. Our blogging or news widgets provide all the power you need to run your own blog and in addition to Luigis comments, i would add that using the SEO filename tag with different keywords related for each blog will help you get traffic in those areas. I would also highly recommend anyone interested in mobile and location based services, or those considering investment in a mobile application, to consult with Luigi Cappel.


Free Hosted Exchange and Office 360 for Charities

Trevor from http://www.darkwing.co.nz/ has just informed us that Microsoft are running a pilot program where eligible charities can get access to Office365 for free or a low costs depending on the license type that you purchase.  The Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofits Pilot offer provides eligible organizations with one of two Office 365 plans (E1 and E3) and is based upon organization size.  

Learn more here

Drag / Drop - Upgrades to Sitemap, Categories and Product Management

You can now drag and drop to sort your web page site map, categories, products, product options, and animated banners. 

We hope you like the new interface and that this will speed up the process of ordering your content just the way you like it.

We have a lot more changes coming soon that will make your life easier within the CMS. :-)

Improved Analytics

You can access improved google analytics for ecommerce now by entering your Analytics Account ID in the confidential usernames area within the CMS.

This is a great option for Google Analytics savy users. For those who are new to Google Analytics, it is a superior web statistics option that requires just a little configuration to get you up and running.  

Another tip while you are in analytics changing your profile settings, please enable Site Search Tracking for "search_keywords"


Date Picker and Popups for Category Selection

We have updated our date picker to the new lightbox popup, giving users access to a whole year calendar, and the next year too. This is a small usability improvement that will be enjoyed by anyone who enters dates alot. If you find we have missed a place on the system, where the old date picker is used, please let us know. 

We have updated other combo boxes for the category selection and product selection also, to give better access to long lists of products or categories or pages. 

If you don't see these popups, or get errors, please clear your browser cache, or refresh your browser window. 

Personalised one-on-one training 

If you require personalised training, we can provide this training in person at our offices in Grey Lynn, Auckland, or over the phone. Training costs $50 per half hour. 

We would encourage all customers to get at least one hour of training at the early stages of building their website, and one more review prior to going live, just to give your website that professional critique, and quick tidy up of the rough bits.

Training topics include:

  • How to use website builder and shopping cart

  • How to design websites

  • How to crop and tidy up photos

  • How to optimise to get your website higher on google and other search engines

  • How to setup a facebook page, or other social media account

  • How to send newsletters

  • How to use any other feature we offer.

Book personalised training here

One Page Websites Offer

We have now launched our One Page Websites with an introductory price of just $199+gst including:

  • Design and setup
  • SEO of one keyphrase
  • Domain name registration
  • One years hosting
  • One email address
These one page websites are custom made for anyone who needs to be found on the internet - but doesn't need a large complicated site. Just your contact details and possibly a map for customers to find you. We set up the site, register a domain name for you and make the site live for a whole year. Total price just $199+gst. Add just $99 to this price for a second year. 
You will be found on Google and other search engines - and that is all important in business today.

One Page Websites

Free website review? 

Want us to give your website a quick 'once-over' before you go live, or even if it is live? We offer a free website review and provide feedback on the main areas needing improvement.If needed we will get back to you quickly with a quote on how we can make your website really sing. We work website magic in just 1 hour ($100+GST per hour), so why not let us take a look at your site? 

Discount Tip: If you purchase 6 or more hours, you will only be charged $90 per hour! Saving 10%

Web Design Options

Receive a 20% discount off your web hosting, for life, by referring a friend 

Did you know that if you refer a friend to use our awesome website builder service, you get a 20% discount off your hosting? If you refer 5 friends, then you will essentially get your web hosting for free! Not only that, but your friends will also get their 2nd month web hosting absolutely free. That's a nice little encouragement for them to check our service out and gives us the opportunity to setup your discount. Both discounts apply for your  2nd and subsequent websites also. It doesn't matter if it is yours, a friend, family or a stranger. Discounts begin once both websites are live. Please make sure you or your friend communicates the referral at the earliest opportunity. 

More information about affiliates here

Do you know any young web designers? 

We have an awesome new offer for the young (and old) web designers.We can setup any web designer who is interested with all they need to get started as a web designer at no cost:

  • A free website to promote their web design business, that they can customise to their hearts content. Learning all about our cool customisable themes. 
  • There are no setup fees, no contracts to sign.
  • They will earn $2+ on every domain name sold. 
  • They will earn 20% commission on hosting. 
  • You might even like to be their first customer... 
  • They can manage all your customers content, domains, emails etc, easily from just 1 control panel.
If you know of anyone who might be interested, point them at our reseller page. 

More information on reselling here

Need Help! is at hand...

There are several places you can find answers to questions about how to build your website and add features (which, there are a lot of) and its free for you to look:

If you can't find the answer you need - then the best way to get an answer fast is to log a support ticket:


In 99% of cases the answer to a problem is covered in one (or more) of these places. We always fix bugs fast, with all the users we have we get notified very fast of any real bug -  they are not common, so if you are having an issue operating the CMS consider some online training with us - you'll always take something away worth value. In all other cases we are happy to do anything you are having trouble doing yourself for a small fee starting from $25 for 15 minutes. 

Cool links

Websites of the month

Here's a selection of some of our recent DIY Go Lives.  

And a few of our recent professionally designed/upgraded sites, or websites that received some professional help.

Do you want a more professional look and feel for your website? A more professional look will instill greater trust in your customers and encourage them to stay longer on your website or make a purchase. Please refer to the design packages on our website orcontact us for more information. 

From Reuben and the Team @ Web Widgets Ltd - Free Website Builder


Posted: Mon 15 Jul 2013