Renewing my domain

You will be sent an email from your domain registry reminding you your domain is up for renewal. You should then pay.

It is important that you respond to any domain name renewal emails you get. We are not responsible if you fail to renew your domain on time.

We will send you reminder notices 60 days, 30 days and 15 days prior to your expiry date. You need to pay us early to ensure your domain is renewed. 

Please mark your domain name as auto "expiring" if you do not wish to renew your domain at the end of the year. Or please let us know if you do not wish to renew your domain. You can do this by logging in to our CMS.

If you registered your domain name elswhere, you must pay for domain renewal direct to your domain registrar. Otherwise, you can transfer registrars and renew your domain with WebWidgets for $33.

You can check when your domain name is due for renewal by logging into web widgets or checking the results from any 'who is' search.


Different renewal notice formats

Please note that the way we renew domains and the way we communicate with you has changed.

If you have an international domain name, eg a .com or .net, then the format and price of domain renewal may differ from our advertised prices. Also, sometimes you will find that you never actually transfered the domain, you only changed the management of the domain to us. So you may receive domain renewal notices from webdrive, domain agent, xtra, ihug, paradise, orcon, iconz, freeparking, registerdirect, mydiscountdomains, godaddy domains or directly from web widgets. You should pay for your renewal when you receive any of these notices from any of those companies. 

However, if you receive a domain notification from an unknown entity not listed above, please forward us the email to confirm that it is legit. Sometimes unscrupulous companies send you fake invoices to register "similar" domains or to "poach" you as a customer.


Renewing Domains when reminded by MyDiscountDomains

We used to be affiliated with MyDiscountDomains. If you purchased a .com from us before 2006, it is quite likely that it was purchased from our US based registrar. This registrar does not give us any access to your domains, and so management of those domains is quite difficult.

If you would like us to renew your domain for you, please forward your renewal notice to us. We will renew your domain for NZ$33 + gst and enable you to pay by credit card, cheque or online banking with a NZ invoice and NZ currency. You must prepay your account in order for us to complete the renewal.


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