May News 2024

Influencer Marketing - is it for your brand?

Does influencer marketing actually work? Is it worth the cost you will pay? Will it really bring you more sales? Or is it just one of the recent fads that will be gone by next month?

In this guide, we discuss what influencer marketing is, who can call themselves an influencer, the types of campaigns an influencer may do with a business and discussing whether or not it is something your business may want to consider using.

Using AI Generated Website Content

AI generated content is becoming a popular choice for many website owners because it is easy to access and usually free. It gives them back time they would usually have spent writing content or hunting for a specific stock image to use. 
But is using AI generated content the best thing for your website and what types should you use? Or should still be creating your content from scratch?

Winter marketing for online stores

Winter has arrived, and this arrival should mean your winter marketing plans kick into action. While our local winter campaigns are not based around the major holidays of Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas, NZ businesses still have plenty of winter marketing ideas; and we're sharing some of ours with you!

Ways to Increase Online Sales

Your website is often the only thing a customer sees before purchasing products from you. That means they rely on the information you provide to decide whether or not you can help solve their problem. If your competitor has done a better job than you, chances are you will lose the sale.

We've listed some of the easiest steps you can take today to start increasing your website sale

Enter The David Awards 2024

We're once again proud to be onboard as a supporter for The David Awards 2024 - NZ's small and home based business awards!

Entry is free and has one of the easiest entry forms around! The awards acknowledge the small business heroes who contribute so much to this country, their communities, their families and the Kiwi business landscape, and who are seldom recognised for it. Does your business punch above its weight? Are you ready to get the recognition and credibility you deserve? 

Site of the Month

Citrus & Sawdust is a delightful new website built by the owners themselves. We're loving the large detailed product descriptions, awesome product photos and use of multiple snippets on the home page.

Three cheers for Citrus & Sawdust! We look forward to seeing where you new website takes you!

Posted: Fri 31 May 2024