May 2009 Newsletter

In this issue of Website Builder News, May 2009...

  • Free Training NZ Wide
  • Advanced Training - 14th July
  • Small Business Expo - Get Free tickets
  • RSS Feeds and Twitter
  • Page sizes for galleries, FAQ and shopping pages
  • Right click menus
  • Get 20% discount for referring us new business
  • Start your own business selling websites
  • Websites of the Month


Free Training Sessions NZ Wide

Our free training sessions will teach you how to use our website builder to build your own website or online shop. The course covers all the basics with some tips on bulk emailer, shopping carts, and search engine optimisation included. Nearly all our recent events have been booked out, so please make sure you book early.

  • Auckland - This wednesday 13th May 8am - 2 hours (places still available)
  • Auckland - 4th of June, both 9am and 3pm sessions available.
  • Hamilton - 26th June 2pm  (new date)
  • Palmerston North - 6th July 1.30pm 
  • Wangarei - 3rd July 2pm
  • Wellington - 29th July 12.30pm or 3pm
  • Christchurch - 12th August 12.30pm or 3pm
  • Dunedin - 19th August 1pm (new date)
  • More Locations/Times

Remember there is extensive help available from our FAQ's which is backed up by phone and email support.  Or there is always the option of 1 on 1 training - usually just one hours training (@$100+gst) will give you a jump start in your ability and greatly improve the results for your time and effort.  

Please also note that if you have already attended a free training course, then you can only be wait listed for a free spot, or pay $50 to attend extra sessions. Or you may like a personalised one on one session instead for only $100.


Advanced Training Sessions - July 14

We now have a selection of advanced training sessions available. Each event costs $50 or attend all 3 for only $120.

We include the following sessions

  • 10am Advanced Web Design Training, customising templates, importing CSS libraries, HTML tips and tricks
  • 1pm Advanced Shopping Cart Training - learn all the shopping cart features
  • 3pm Search Engine Optimisation Training - 2 hour course focusing only on search engine optimisation.

These are for people who have already attended our Web Builder 101 course, and want to get more out of their website. We have a jam packed day on the 14th July in Auckland, so if you live out of town, book your flights today. 


Small Business Expo - Free tickets

You can get free tickets to the Bizone Small Business Expo using the following link. We will be exhibiting at the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch events this year. We will also be exhibiting at the Waikato winter show in the buy NZ made zone, and also at selected Auckland Chamber of Commerce table top expo events.

Free tickets here:


RSS Feeds and Twitter

You can now stay upto date with us via RSS Feeds and Twitter. You can also add an RSS feed from your news page by changing your News page layout to "News RSS" layout. This will add a small icon to the top right of your screen. It will also add an RSS feed link to your meta tags. If you havn't yet used RSS, you might like to consider using


Page sizes for galleries, FAQ and shopping pages

You can now control the number of photos or links that appear on galleries of shopping pages. If you have too many photos on a page it can take a while to download, if you only show just a few photos on each page, then you can allow users to navigate your site without scrolling down to the paging buttons. You can change this option in the "options" tab, top right, whenever you are editing any page. The feature works with most of our page templates. If you experience any paging issues, please let us know asap.


Right Click Menus

Web Widgets just got so much easier to use. We have introduced a right click menu on the left hand toolbar. This will make it faster to access additional page layout options, introductions, footers and deleting pages. Stay tuned for more right click options throughout the website. If you experience any issues with any upgrade, please let us know asap


More upgrades in the pipeline

Reordering photos is about to get a whole lot easier. Thi, our programmer, has been working on some fancy coding to make it easier to shuffle photos around in a more human friendly format. Just click on the photo and drag it to the position you want. The number and position of photos in the back end will be matched on your chosen template. If you want to change the layout of a gallery page, then you can do this by clicking the main blue page button. Under this new interface, there are also many more options you can access by right clicking on the photo. This new option will be available under a "Beta Testing" link under the tooltips. There are still some known bugs, and we will fix those over the coming weeks.

We are currently working on a new toolbar for the free format page editor, also known as a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. We have heard the feedback from our customers that they have alot of trouble editing tables, and need functionality to insert and delete rows and columns from a table, and to have more control formating control over images and other elements already in the page. We do hear you, and within 2 more months we should have the new toolbar and right click options ready for you.


Get 20% discount for referring us new business

Did you know that if you refer new customers to us, that we will give you a kickback of 20%. So if you refer 5 customers on an equivalent hosting plan, then your website hosting will be effectively free. Ask your friends to include your email address in the referred by box next time they sign up, and you will be automatically linked. You can also tell us at any time if they have already gone live, or are under construction. The 20% discount you receive will only apply once they have gone live.


Start your own business selling websites

Did you know that we really like customers who want to resell our services and add their own value. If you have SEO skills, business skills, graphic design skills or just super enjoy building websites with our free website builder, then we encourage you to start a business doing it. You will not be stepping on our toes at all. We want to support you in your business endeavors and will give you access to special advanced training courses and support, so that you can in turn provide better support to your customers. Using our affiliate scheme or our official reseller scheme, you can also make ongoing revenue from web hosting. But we encourage you to correctly place a commercial value on the time you put in to helping your friends start websites. We hope we are providing you with a great new opportunities during this recession. 


Websites of the Month

Another big month, 30 new sites live this month. Here's a selection of our better customers DIY websites. Some of those we think have done a great job of designing and creating using the our Website Builder tools. We are happy to promote sites that have had a revamp, just let us know and we will consider it for a future newsletter.


And view our updated portfolio of professional designs this month

Do you have any feedback on our newsletter or CMS products? Please let us know.

Best regards,
The Web Widgets Team

Posted: Mon 11 May 2009