August 2008 News

In this issue of Web Widgets News, August 2008...

  • Spell checker 
  • More categories per product 
  • Better Speed/SEO for American, Australian and international focused domains
  • Discounts/Commissions - 20% off per referral
  • Cheaper phone services / Internet Telephony
  • IPhones - Yes or No?
  • Our bank account number has changed
  • Websites of the Month


Spell Checker

We have added a new spell checker option to our WYSIWYG free format editor. Look for the pale grey ABC icon at the end of the first row of toolbar icons. It is a very basic spell checker making use of a third party website. Please note that when you choose the option to "apply changes" that these changes will not update into the Web Widgets CMS. To do that simply click "apply changes" and then copy that text back into the Web Widgets CMS. We also suggest that you do this one paragraph at a time to ensure that you don't lose any formating.

This is a far better option than copy and pasting from MS Word, which adds many spurious hidden codes which will then mess up your formatting.  But another viable option for those of you using Mozilla Firefox is to install an add-on extension that is available which will add a spell check function similar to MS Word within our CMS. The Safari web browser also has this as an option.


More Categories Per Product

You can now have one product in up to eight different categories. When adding a product for the first time you select the primary category. The next time you edit the product you will be able to select more categories.

And if you have a large number of categories, here's a reminder about last months new "dynamic category menus" that we can add to your website for only $350


Better Speed and SEO Ranking for Australian, American and International Domains

If you have both a and a .com domain connected to your website, you can now host your .com or domain in either Texas or Sydney at no additional charge. The advantages of this being

  • You can then encourage different geographical markets to use different web addresses to access your website. 
  • This will ensure they receive the fastest possible response time from your websites.  
  • This faster response time will also help improve your SEO, as page load times are yet another criteria in the search engine rating algorithm.
  • You can also monitor the statistics of each domain independently. 

You may remember us previously advising to use URL redirection from all domains except one. This new advice supersedes that, provided you are hosting each domain on a different IP adress, eg in Texas or Sydney.

If you require this service, please go to your domain nameserver area and change the domain template from "default load balanced" to either "Texas" or "Sydney" mirrors. Please note that the London one is not yet in production. If your domains are not managed by our nameservers, or they say "external" or "custom", then please do not make any changes. And send us an email if you want us to make the change for you.

Once using our offshore hosting service, you may note the quality of service is slower when testing from NZ, but if you were actually in the USA or Australia, you would notice a significant speed improvement. This makes sense if you think about it as our main servers are hosted in NZ (so you should always use our default servers for .nz web addresses).  Additionally, note that once you make this change, there may be a 15 minute delay in publishing your content. This delay is a small price to pay for a higherspeed hosting service for Americans and Australian end users.


Discounts or Commissions for referrals - 20% discount

The best form of advertising is word of mouth, and we hope you are all very happy with the services we provide. If you refer any customers to us, please let us know as soon as they have started their free trial, or even after they go live, and we can connect your accounts so that you get a referral discount off your own website.

You will get a 20% referral discount based on the hosting plan chosen by the referred customer. In order to receive your commissions or discounts, you must have one website currently hosted with us, but we can start linking accounts when you are both in the trial period. The same discount applies if you want to host several websites with us. If you host 5 or more websites, please talk to us about further discounts. These discounts are cumulative, this means that if you have referred 5 sites that have gone live, then it is likely that you will pay nothing for web hosting!  You can even get in credit and perhaps use that credit for further customisation of your site.


Cheaper phone services / Internet Telephony

If you require cheaper telephone services for a multiple staff, remote staff, out of toll coverage area, 0800 numbers or just want to cut the costs of your tolls, then we'd like to promote a great new service for you.

For just $35 per month you can have upto 20 telephone lines, with 3 simultaneous calls. You can keep your existing phone number (except 0800 numbers). You add new 0800 numbers or phone numbers in other toll calling areas. You can also make upto 2000 minutes of calls to landlines in both New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA and many more countries. Included free is a fax to email service so that you don't waste paper from fax adverts, and can choose if you want to print a fax. You will also get free access to other add on services like call minder, call forwarding, call diversion, automated attendant etc.

This phone service is internet or VOIP based, and may experience some quality issues if you don't have a good broadband connection. You will also need to purchase special phones for the best quality service. These phones cost around $300 including GST, configured and delivered. You can use your existing portable phones if you like, using a special adapter. The adapter costs $150 and will support upto 2 phones on different numbers.

If you would like onsite training for this service, we can provide that in either Auckland or Tairua for just $200. For all other locations we will just send you the equipment preconfigured. The cost to set this up for you and provide initial over the phone support is just $100.

Click here fore more info


Iphones - Yes or No

Yes, they are very good. I have had one for a few days, and haven't yet found a thing wrong with it, excepting the syncing of birthdates out of my contact list into the wrong timezone. It is a truly intuitive device that will increase your business productivity. It is much more than a toy, it is a business tool, and it achieves this much easier than the equivalent windows PDA phone or blackberry. Despite negative media comments, $80 is not too much to pay each month for a good minute/text/data bundle and most businesses will be familiar paying these rates. As an added plus, the inbuilt safari web browser does an excellent job of navigating around web widgets if you want to do some web mastering on the move. Go on, treat yourself! (Otherwise I have a really nice HTC Windows PDA phone going cheap.... )


Our Bank Account Number has changed to Kiwi Bank

Just a reminder that we have just changed banks to Kiwi Bank. Please change the bank account number for any automatic payments you may have. The new number 38-9008-0111822-00 was also printed on your most recent invoice statement. The Kiwi Bank web interface is much more advanced than other banks, allowing you to record more information against each transaction and less key strokes to achieve it. Also, their webservers are hosted in NZ, so you will find the speed of their service is not constrained by occassional fluctuations in transtasman internet traffic. And for Kiwibank to Kiwibank transactions, they happen instantly, so are great for initiating order delivery the same day. As you likely already know Web Widgets Ltd is a kiwi owned enterprise extolling 'buy kiwi made' and we are pleased carry this philosophy through to our banking.


Websites of the Month

The following website was designed by Albie. If you want a really professional look for your website, then please contact us for a design quote.

And we'd like to show case some of our customers DIY websites. Those whom we think have done a fantastic job of designing their own websites.


Have you got any feedback on our newsletter or CMS product, please do let us know.


Best regards,
The Web Widgets Team
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Posted: Mon 11 Aug 2008