April 2008 News

In this issue of WebWidgets News, April 2008...

  • Web Stats by Email
  • VOIP Phones and changes to Web Widgets phone system.
  • Small Business Expo
  • Website of the Month Profile


Web Statistics by Email

Are you addicted to your web statistics? You can now receive regular Web Statistics updates via email.  It's hard to know what time of day your stats will be updated for yesterdays traffic, but now there is an easy way. Login to Web Widgets, click on your web address/SEO and Web Statistics/Web Statistics by email. You can select daily, weekly or monthly email updates and your stats will be emailed to you hot off the press!

Don't forget that Google Analytics is also a great offering, and we can easily help you install Analytics on your website. Just email us the small piece of javascript code provided by Google, and we will set this up for you. The cost of doing this is only $20 one off fee. Analytics presents your web statistics in a different way from our standard "awstats" offering, and using the 2 together, will provide you with the most reliable information if you are selling advertising.


VOIP phones and changes to Web Widgets phone system.

Web Widgets have introduced a new telephone system. This new telephone system will make it easier for you to locate the specific person you want to talk to using "call hunting" technology.  It will make it easier for us to transfer your calls between staff in different offices and it will incorporate a short, single level voice menu, requesting you press 1,2,3 etc for the right person or department.

Our telephone system will include a range of advanced telephony services like voice mail to email and fax to email, which is also referred to as "communications convergence".  This means that irrespective of how you contact us, it will all end up our inbox if we are unavailable to talk live.

Another key benefit of internet telephony, is the ability to cut costs on toll calls and make it easier for customers to make contact. Home-based and remote businesses typically face a large monthly phone bill; both for outgoing calls, and incoming calls if you also have an 0800 number. For approximately $10-$15 per month, you can purchase a local area telephone number in almost any city in New Zealand (or anywhere in the world for slightly more). Incoming and outgoing calls via that number are treated as a local call for the region you've chosen. As an added bonus, any other toll calls are typically discounted.

The only hardware required is an internet telephone, and prices start at about $100. The phone looks and works like an ordinary phone.  You can plug it into any broadband connection worldwide without changing your number or calling plan. Your computer does not need to be turned on for the phone to work. Or for free, you can use a "softphone" provided by your service provider.  Some popular voip services in NZ are www.2talk.co.nz, www.italk.co.nz or www.wxc.co.nz .

We would really like to recommend the 2talk service, it is loaded with features and is as easy to use as Web Widgets. Please if you register for their service, can you enter "webwidgets" in the promo box. www.2talk.co.nz


Small Business Expo

The small business expo was a huge success for us. It was great to meet many of our existing customers there also; many thanks for your positive feedback.

The following exhibitors were also at the business expo, and we'd like to recommend their services.

We would encourage anyone who doesn't yet have an accounting system that they go for something that is web based, eg www.xero.co.nz or www.cuttysark.co.nz and for your payroll, try www.ipayroll.co.nz . The benefit of these online accounting systems is that they take care of integrating with your bank and IRD. They also save alot of paperwork keeping your staff paysheets online. They enable you to easily do your accounts from home or on holiday, and do not tie you to the office. They also take care of your backups for you, saving internal IT costs.

Look out for ADSL 2 moving to your local exchange. Orcon will be rolling out a new broadband offering about 3 times faster than maximum available to various local exchanges over this year.

Another new website to check out would be http://start-up.co.nz/ with a wealth of information for startup businesses.


Website of the Month - Soundworks

SoundWorks is an Auckland sound hire company, established in 2004 by Tony Richards to specialise in corporate events and private functions.  Unlike other sound hire companies, Soundworks does not 'dry hire' equipment across the counter; instead opting for a complete service of delivery, set up and sound check of the equipment on location. It makes event planning easier for corporate clients and works well for DJ's who can arrive at their gig and start spinning tunes without having to set up any equipment.

Tony Richards manages and maintains the company website; www.soundworks.co.nz.  He says; "Web Widgets has been with me from the beginning. Albie created the first site and along with Reuben, has patiently answered all my questions. It has now paid off, and I have it down!  I'm adding new pages every day, adding links between my pages, links to other urls, adding pics, and changing prices."   Tony regularly updates his website to encourage browsers to make an email enquiry following recognising something on his website.

To find out more about Soundworks, visit www.soundworks.co.nz

Best regards

Albie, Auvasa, Emma, Natasha, Phil and Reuben (The WebWidgets Team)


Posted: Tue 22 Apr 2008