October 2007 News

Beware Paypal Reversals

Beware of Paypals reversal policy. One of our customers has experienced a chargeback reversal nearly 2 months after the initial transaction. After 45 days, Paypal sent an email saying that the funds were in dispute. The merchant was offered the option to provide feedback on the transaction, providing a name and address to where goods were shipped. 14 days later Paypal replied saying that the bank had refunded the buyer, and that the funds would be reversed, and in addition to that, Paypal would charge us a US$10 settlement fee.

We suggest that you carefully compare the buyer details against the credit card holders name, and that you only ship goods by registered post, and that you record the tracking number, otherwise disputing the reversal is a waste of time. We also suggest that if you do get a dispute on a small transactional amount, that you consider accepting the refund without question, because your dispute is likely to be unsuccessful and the settlement fee added, leaving you out of pocket, in addition to any goods or services delivered.


Uploading Videos To Your Website

We have often been asked how you can add videos to your website. We have often discouraged users from doing this as it can lead to increased traffic on your website which can quickly become expensive for both you and us. With the emergence of websites like youtube.com, you can now upload and share your videos for free. However, when you are running a business, you typically want to control the navigation and environment in which those videos exist. Here is how you can use the new "Videos" widget:

 Add a new page, then scroll down to File List, then (More Options). In there you will find the new "Videos" widget. It's extremely easy to use. Just upload your videos to YouTube first, then copy and paste 1 special code box from YouTube to the specified box in our CMS, and presto, your youtube video is now embedded in your own website with no ghastly adverts and at no risk of excess traffic fees. All video traffic is incurred by YouTube.


Customising Shopping Pages

You can now control the layout of product titles on product pages. If you don't want the product title to be suffixed with the category name or product code, you can now choose 4 other options from the shopping options. Login to the CMS, click on SETUP, then DISPLAY OPTIONS. Here you will find lots of useful options that can be added or removed from your shopping screens so that you get a layout exactly how you want.

Did you also know we have several new layouts for the product listing screens as well? You can select alternative category listing pages by clicking on the OPTIONS tab in the top right when editing your shopping page, then selecting a different "Page Layout". Some options include a more pictorial 3 column gallery layout to a mixture of business card layout and other formats that may or may not include a buy now button.

We can custom design other shopping cart layouts for $500 including the use of up to 3 customised fields per product that can be included in the general list special formatting. eg good for dimensions or manufacturers brand.


Website of the month profile

www.nri.co.nz is New Zealand's first complete Indian website.  It includes a full list of New Zealand restaurants, an online DVD Bollywood store, latest Bollywood news and online games and horoscopes.  Amit, NRI's webmaster, tells us that having the ability to edit the site in real time from anywhere on the globe is awesome!  He had this to say about using WebWidgets to build his website:

"The Web Widgets system was so easy to use. I have no HTML or web design experience, but creating the website was easy. The best part was the Web Widgets team was more than helpful and went out of their way to help us beyond what their job descriptions requires them to do."


Kind regards
Emma, Reuben and Albie
The WebWidgets Team

Posted: Fri 26 Oct 2007