Zapier enables you to automate actions, and interface with thousands of other cloud services, when specific events happen on our platform. Example use case: When a new order is placed on your site copy the order details to a Google Sheet Document.

You will need to sign up for a Zapier account if you do not have one. We have a private app in Zapier called Website World.
Access to the app can be provided upon request. Please email your interest to A link to our application will be shared on request allowing you to use these triggers.

Each Zap has one app as the **Trigger**, where your information comes from and which causes one or more **Actions** in other apps, where your data gets sent automatically. 

Trigger Events

We offer trigger events as below:

New Member
When a new member is created on your site, this event will be triggered. 

New Product
When a new product is created on your site, this event will be triggered.

New Orders
When a new paid order is placed on your site, this event will be triggered.

New Enquiry or Formpost
Triggers when a custom form, survey, or an enquiry form is submitted. (but not member registrations)

New Booking
Triggers when a new booking is created on your site.

New Event Attendee
Triggers when a new attendee has registered for an event on your site.


Using Actions you can create new data in your CMS backend based on any triggers.
Example: When a new row is inserted in a google sheet document use our Action to create new data in our system with those details. 

Below are the actions you can set up.

Create a New Member Action
This will allow you to create a new member in your site. 

Create a New Member Note
Create a Note against a member in your site.

Create a New Message
Equivalent to posting a new enquiry, form post on your site. 

Find more details and setup instructions here

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