The purpose of our Shopify integration is to make it easy to migrate your website from Shopify to Website World.

However, this integration offers even more opportunity that that. Our integration can be used to keep your stock counts up to date on a regular basis, and you can offer trade pricing via our platform, and all orders can be pushed back to shopify, creating a beautiful relationship between the 2 platforms.

This integration includes:

  • Import collections and product data, on demand
  • Import customer data on demand
  • Sync product pricing and stock levels at regular intervals
  • Import historical orders from Shopify on demand 
  • Post new orders from Website World to Shopify automatically

You are required to setup a new private application in Shopify to enable this, or you can provide us with an admin/staff login to your shopify account, then we can take care of this for you. 

If you are cancelling your shopify account after completing a migration, please remember to disconnect the API.

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