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How much time do you spend online per day?


Tell us about your Business/Organisation

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What is your position in the business?;

What is your companies industry classification?:

Where are most of your customers located?:

Does your company make any online sales (starting a financial transaction irrespective of payment method), on your own website or elsewhere?

If your business is retail focused, please select which classification best suits your product category

What other websites do you currently sell/promote your products or services through with paid listings? eg TradeMe, eBay, 
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How you heard about us?

How did you first hear about Web Widgets Website Builder?

Please provide name/source if applicable

What keywords would you search for a service like ours before choosing to use our product?

What other websites or sources of information did/would you use to find out more about our service or a service like ours?

What information was missing/hidden that might have helped you make a decision about us sooner?

How long did it take you to make a decision about using our service?


Building Your Site

Did you attend any training? Yes No

Did anybody help you build your own website?

(Their name/company if applicable)

How long did it take you to build your website? 

How many hours did you spend in total approximately building your website? hours

In order to complete your website, did you use any other 3rd party webservices?
eg YouTube, Adsense, Reservation Systems, AA Maps, Google Maps, Link Trackers, Advertising Services, Weather, News Tickers,
Please enter the web addresses of the websites who provide those online services for your website.


Competitor Analysis

Please list all the other website builder, content management or shopping cart products or services that you have heard of?

What are the superior benefits of those other CMS/shopping cart/website builder products?

What are the pitfalls of those other CMS/shopping cart/website builder products?

What other web designers did you consider using prior to selecting our services?

As a rough estimate, how much do you think most other web hosting companies charge for web hosting per month?  $

As a rough estimate, how much do you think most other web hosting companies charge for professionally designing a 6 page custom look website?  $


Marketing Opportunities

We would like to know where/how our customers spend their time, so that we know what advertising opportunities we should pursue.

What radio stations do you listen to?

What magazines or newspaper or journals do you actively read?

What websites do you regulary visit apart from ours, your own, your banks, the IRD or your email service? 
ie blogs, news, social networking, business resource sites.
Please enter their web addresses:

What business networking organisations do you belong to that you actively participate in?

What business oriented email newsletters do you subscribe to and read?


Improving our Product / Service

What features would you like us to add to our product range?

What new additional professional services would you like us to provide? i.e. like SEO, design

What other online web services do you think might compliment our services? eg online accounting systems, SEO tools.

Have you experienced any problems with our online website builder product? If Yes, please detail.

Have you experienced any problems with our staff, affiliates or resellers? If Yes, please detail.

Would you like to provide a short testimonial blurb to be included on our testimonials page? (Only this answer would be made public including your name and website address)

Please note that this information will be collated for research. If you have a specific action request, or would like to acknowledge a referral, please contact us with that information after pressing submit below


ps. This survey was conducted with our standard enquiry form widget, available to all users, and allowing data to be exported to Excell.


Terms and Conditions

  • You must be a currently live paying customer, living in NZ, having paid for at least 1 months web hosting already.
  • Only 1 credit will be applied per customer, irrespective of the number of websites.
  • Credit is not transferable for cash. Credit may be used for any services provided by us.
  • Your information will be kept private and confidential, excepting any testimonial you provide that would be attributed to your name and web address. Some answers may be collated and used in an agregate format without identifying the author.
  • This offer will be withdrawn once 200 surveys have been received.