$100 SEO Review / Optimisation Offer

Do you want to rank higher in google? 

Do you even know what your SEO key phrases are? 

Or do you just want your website to be found for more phrases? 

Or perhaps you would just like to get some great advice from our resident SEO guru's? 

We will review your website, and make a best effort to increase your google ranking using our many years of experience. 


This months special SEO offer is just too awesome!

  1. Either you provide us with your 3 your target key phrases, or ask us to research and suggest them to you
  2. If you supplied the phrases, we will review your website for how well it is optimised for those phrases.
  3. If you agree, we will optimize your website for those 3 keyword phrases. 
  4. We will review the rest of your website, and make suggestions on how you could better optimize your content

Offer Cost (In local currency)

NZ$100 (+gst)   /    AU$100    /    US$75    /    EUR65    /     GBP60

Conditions of the SEO Review Offer

Use the inquiry form below to apply for this deal. 

Offer only available to our hosting customers. We will not review websites hosted elsewhere.

Submitting this form means you agree to the fee above being charged to your web hosting account as soon as the work is done. This is a super discounted deal, and no warranty is provided. It is likely that you will improve your rank. We cannot guarantee top position. It is ever so possible that if you already have a high position, that making a change could drop you a position. If we have reasonable concern that we could cause you to drop position on a phrase (if you are already in top 5 spots) then we will only provide advise, and not actually make the change. 

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Posted: Sat 22 Oct 2016