From my experience

I've built my own using a PC with Windows Media Centre, Dish TV PVR, and now Tivo. The Dish TV was a lemon from my perspective and I got rid of it not long after I acquired it. The best experience was building it myself using a PC with tuner cards installed but it was also the most hassle getting things like the EPG to work. But once you've done it, is the most flexible option and the best user interface of the options I've tried. There are other open source options as well such as Myth TV but haven't tried those. I am started using Tivo when my PC crashed and I didn't have the time to start all over again and I have found Tivo to be excellent. You can also get Tivo desktop which allows you to copy files to your PC although I don't use that. Big down side with Tivo is that you can no longer buy it in NZ other than second hand.
Posted: 2012-12-10 09:08