Hosting Plan: Awesome B SSL

Other Plans:

An all purpose web hosting plan containing all CMS and E-Commerce features. Please see detail for specific traffic limits and other plan parameters.

Plan Feature Allowance Notes
Hosting Fee NZ$ 100.00 (+ GST)
Traffic 80 GB This is equivalent to 819200 page views per month, or 163840 people viewing 5 pages each per visit. Should you exceed the allowed traffic, which is unlikely, it would cost NZ$ 2.00 per additional GB. If your traffic is not a typical pattern, we can reverse excess fees.
File Space 2.3 GB This equates to approx 24000 photos or 2400 PDFs (Content will be mirrored in multiple locations around the world) Should you exceed your filespace, which is unlikely, it would cost NZ$ 0.01 per additional MB
Digital Asset Space 2.3 GB This equates to approx 2400 hi-res photos or PDFs (Digital assets for sale) Should you exceed your filespace, which is unlikely, it would cost NZ$ 25.00 per additional GB
Web Pages 4000 pages A page is counted as either a standard page button, or hidden page or any page added via the "add page" button in the CMS. An blog post, faq sub page or gallery item is not counted for this purpose. Should you exceed your page count, which is unlikely, it would cost NZ$ 0.01 per additional page.
Products 15000 products Sometimes you just need a few more products than your plan allows. Should you exceed your product count, which is unlikely, it would cost NZ$ 0.01 per additional product.
Orders / POS 800 transactions Excess fee applies if you process more than 800 POS transactions or website orders per calendar month. Should you exceed the number of transactions on this plan, we encourage you to change hosting plans or pay 15 cents per additional transaction
Appointment Scheduling 100 calendars Allows booking of appointments, optionally with prepayment of a deposit.
Rental Management 1000 hire items Limited by unique hire items available for rent.
Bulk Emailer 8000 emails Create multiple newsletter templates and send up to 8000 emails per calendar month. An email is defined as 1 email per recipient. Should you wish to send more bulk emails that your plan allows, you may, and it would only cost NZ$ 10.00 / 1000 emails
API check Free access to our API is available on all plans, including couriers fetching your order information. Many third party inventory systems and accounting services will require you add a "plugin". Additional fees apply for some plugins, depending on their complexity. A higher hosting plans may be required for more frequent synchronisations.
Mail Accounts 15 mail boxes There is no limit on email aliases or forwarding addresses. Includes free Web Mail service. Excludes IT setup for phones, tablets, and third party email client software. Should you require more mailboxes, we charge NZ$ 0.00 per additional mailbox
Mail Storage 50 GB space Mailbox space is pooled per website account, across total of mailboxes. Should you require more space than your plan permits, we charge NZ$ 1.60 per additional GB of storage.
Forums 800 posts Maximum of 800 messages per month. Should this limit not be sufficient for your needs, we charge NZ$ 1 per additional 100 posts
Content Management check Website builder and content management included with all hosting plans.
Web Statistics check Updated daily. We use AWSTATS package. Our system is also compatible with Google Analytics.
Password Protected Pages check All advanced features are included on all plans. Training may be required and additional fees may apply for any support or training required.
SSL Secured check Free SSL Certificates and secure https protocol hosting included in this plan.


  • We provide free online video tutorials and online help step by step tutorials for most commonly asked questions.  
  • We provide support via email and phone during normal hours of business in NZ. 
  • Email is included with all web hosting plans. 
  • Web statistics are included free with all web hosting plans


  • Domain renewals are additional to the hosting fees above. 
  • Professional design services, setup services, and all other labour. We look forward to helping you, but we charge for our time.
  • Training is not provided for free. Limited support and advice is free, but step by step training is not. 
  • Support for teaching you about HTML/CSS/CSV and other advanced features is excluded.   
  • Excess traffic fees may apply if you exceed your hosting plan.  If you exceed the traffic allowance, then fees apply. It is your responsibility to monitor and plan for your own traffic. We do provide free web statistics and attempt to email a warning message when you get to 80%. If your traffic is a one off spike, we will consider reversing the fee if the amount is significant, and the average of your last 3 months traffic would not exceed your hosting plan. 
  • Email services are provided with each hosting plan, but we do not provide email support for the "client side". Our email support is limited to ensuring the "server side" is ok. If you are unable to setup your own email account, we would advise you to hire a local IT technician. We will provide free support to your IT technician.
  • Plugins/API/Integrations - if you choose to use certain plugins, there may be associated fees with this.


SSL Hosting Available

  • SSL Hosting is provided free on all our premium hosting plans, Business/Advanced and above. There are no SSL certificate fees. 

Charity/Non Profit Hosting Plans

  • Most charities / non profits = $110 per year +gst,  equivalent to our standard hosting plan, with increased traffic, products/pages, and bulk emails.
  • Read our Terms and Conditions:  Discounted Web Hosting For Charity 

Free Parking / Email Only Hosting Plans

You can park your domain names for free, however, we won't provide an email service. If you require a n email service, please refer to our Email hosting plans

URL Redirects / DNS Only Hosting

We charge $35 per year for a simply URL redirect or DNS only hosting plan. This is required if you want to keep your domain with us, but host your email and website elsewhere. If your new web host is able to, you should consider asking for your UDAI and transferring your domain to your new provider instead.


PHP / Wordpress / ASP etc

We encourage all users to use our own website builder CMS, as it is more robust and more stable and more secure than PHP based websites. If you use CMS like WordPress, you need to remember to do your own security updates. If you do want us to host your WordPress/MySQL/PHP website, we are happy to do that. All PHP hosting fees are the same as our standard or business plans, and include free SSL certificate and SSL hosting. Sorry we cannot offer PHP on the basic plans. There are no page/order limits on PHP hosting. PHP hosting limits are based only on traffic, filespace and mailbox requirements. The benefit of our PHP services over other web hosts is we offer low contention for CPU. We host less than 30 PHP websites currently. Our PHP server is based in Sydney, and runs on AWS infrastructure, using our own custom control panel. Domains, Email and Stats are managed via our CMS control panel. You can use phpMyAdmin to administer your database requirements. A mySQL account is provisioned for all our PHP sites automatically, and details to login are provided inside our CMS. You cannot mix and match your website world website with your PHP website, but we will continue to host your website world website while you build your PHP website. All PHP website account status need to be live/paying before you can access our PHP webserver via FTP. Please contact us to enable PHP on your domain. 



Discounts for multiple websites.

25% discount for referrals for life!

Discounts for annual hosting plans

Reseller / Franchise / Customised plans available on request. We can rebrand/whitelabel/reprice our service for your needs.


Payment Options

Payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, PoliPay, cheque and automatic payments or online banking are all acceptable.

First month must be paid in advance. Thereafter you pay on invoice. We send invoices at the end of each calendar month. Therefore a final invoice may apply after you terminate your hosting.

No minimum term contracts.

International and NZ Hosting Locations

Our software is primarily hosted on the most powerful and most popular cloud platform, namely AWS (Amazon Web Services). This allows us to auto provision additional resource during peak loads, so your website won't slow down. 

We have many web servers located in

  • NZ 
  • Australia
  • Europe 
  • USA.

We deliver full speed international traffic from all those hosting locations outside NZ. Whereas NZ has capped international speeds. It is best to host your website in Australia, Europe or USA, all of which are on the AWS platform. 

Additional Information

Sorry you cannot use our CMS software with other web hosts.

Web hosting is the fee you must pay to rent space on our high speed servers so that your website will be available to general public even when your computer is switched off. 

Hosting fees do not include Domain Name Registration or Professional Web Design Fees, however, you can use our content management system to build your website for free and you can also use domain names registered elsewhere at no additional cost.