Java Programmer Wanted (Web Development Scope)

We have a great role available for a junior java developer with excellent communication ability, and all round good IT knowledge. 

Help us continually develop our ecommerce and website building platform already used by many thousands of customers. 

Each feature you develop will be used by many people, and needs to be intuitive to use. 

Using the platform yourself, and supporting the platform is a key aspect of this role. 

Your role will include direct communication with customers, with all our team rostered on front line support.

Desired Skills (As many as possible)

  • Java - Core Language (or similar language C# ) 
  • Efficient algorithm writer
  • API Integrations - JSON/XML/Oauth/etc
  • Javascript / JQuery / UI 
  • User Interface Design
  • HTML and Styling content with CSS 
  • An analytical brain that can solve problems and communicate solutions
  • Excellent communication skills, fluent English speaker
  • Linux / Debian 
  • SQL / PostgreSQL 
  • AWS 
  • General IT knowledge, eg setting up email accounts, debugging DNS issues

Role Description

  • Develop new features of our ecommerce and website building platform, UI improvements, API integrations, 
  • Front line support on email/phone/support tickets to debug customer issues (50% of time)
  • Fix bugs (Java / JavaScript)
  • Solve email/domain/API issues.
  • Migrate Websites To Our Platform
  • Import Data / Clean Data For Import
  • Answer deep technical questions about our platform (by delving into the code)

Hours / Location

  • Full time, Half Time, hours to suit applicant... 
  • Starting early November 2021
  • Location: 14/386 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn
Application Process
  • Signup for a free trial and familiarize yourself with our service
  • Please submit your CV's via email using the form below. In the email body below, include a full covering statement which outlines your key skills and how they relate to your understanding of the position we are offering. Please indicate your desire for full time or part time role, and how many years paid developer/IT experience you have. 
  • Questions only answered via email. Do not call.

Posted: 20 Sep 2021

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