Customer Liaison and Social Media Representative

We have a part time role available for an enthusiastic social media friendly person, who can also act as a point of contact for our customers, and provide limited new customer support for our website builder service. Work from anywhere in NZ. 

Skills Required

  • Customer friendly
  • Facebook friendly, familiar with participation in groups, and understands how to create engaging posts. 
  • Is familiar with our website builder service.
  • Good with words
  • Diplomatic
  • Fluent in english language, and easy to understand via phone and email and social
  • Not scared of technology

A role with freedom

  • Work from home? or work from our office in Grey Lynn? you choose!
  • Some hours are scheduled support roster, but other hours can be dotted around family, life's chores.
  • You can still run your existing business if you have one. No restraint of trade.

Ideally you are

  • Already a customer of our Website Builder service.
  • Already familiar running your own business
  • Already familiary promoting your own business via social media
  • Have additional skills in media, design, or technology that you can add value to the base role.

What your day would look like

  • Check social media regularly through the day and week, and respond to any questions, or comment on any threads were we could be of service. (just a browse on your phone newsfeed is usually sufficient)
  • On your rostered support day/days, you would need to stay close to your computer to answer occassional phone calls and answer emails with a target of 10 minutes response time.
  • At a time that suits you, monitor new websites going live, and professional work by our web designers, to promote these new websites via social media. Customers love this, and is demonstrates what our product and team can do. 
  • Engage with our customers via social media, and work on new blogs, and content for our newsletter. 

Understanding the Support Role

  • Our website builder service is deep and vast and customers can answer all sorts of technical questions. But do not worry. Your job is not to answer every problem, but to have empathy for the customer, and to first undertstand the customers problem, before raising the issue with our technical department. A large minority of customers who request support fail to provide an adequate explanation of the problem. A screenshot can go along way. Generally, your role is to try and emulate what the customers problem is, and provide URL, screenshot and explanation to our technical team. Alternatively, you would ask the customer to provide the screenshot where you were unable. The main aim is to give our technical team everything they need to solve a problem quickly at first request, without having lots of preliminary Q&A. 

Other Details

  • Role starts: February 2018
  • Role duration: You will be covering another employee on Materinty leave for at least 6 months. Potential to continue long term subject to other staffing changes. 
  • Living wage to suit applicant's skills
  • Hours: 10 - 20 hours per week, you choose. 

Posted: 15 Nov 2017

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