How Much Does a Website Cost?

It is free to build your own website with Website World using our CMS. We provide you with multiple professionally designed website templates to select from, all of which are fully editable for you to choose your own colours, fonts, images and page layouts. You can try it out yourself here.

There are costs involved with making and keeping your website live, migrating your website to our platform and any professional design or development services you ask us to do for you, such as:

  • Domain name - you need to register a domain name for your website, which is the equivalent of your address on the internet. Most people register a domain name for 12 months at a time, renewing it annually. If you do not keep your domain name registered, your website cannot be hosted. Domain names start from $29 per year, and further information about domain name costs can be seen here.
  • Web hosting - this is a paid online service that posts your website live 24/7 on the internet for anyone to see. The web host or web hosting service provider, of which we at Website World are one, provide the technologies and services to get and keep your website live on the internet. Your web hosting fee covers the 'leasing' of space on our servers where all the files and data from your website is stored. Web hosting can be paid for monthly or yearly, and must remain current to keep a website online. Plans start from $25 per month.  View web hosting costs here.
  • Integrations/Plugins/API - there is a fee to use some plugins which provide advanced automation services, or integrate with external software APIs. The ratings and reviews plugin, that encourages customers to review their purchases a couple of weeks after purchase, is highly recommended. Please login to the CMS to view these fees in your CCY. 
  • Professional web design - our CMS provides you with the tools needed to edit your website design, including fonts, colours, images, headings and banners. For most people, these tools are sufficient to achieve the design and functionality they require. Others may use our web design or development services or those of other web designers who specialise in our platform. View web design package costs here. 
  • Customised support - we have many free ways you can learn how to use our platform including videos, a Facebook support group, email and telephone support. General advice and support is free, but we will charge for providing support and advice which we feel is more than what can be reasonably expected with your web hosting. This is charged at our current hourly rate, and a free quote can be given upon request.

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