SwipeHQ Shopping Cart Solution

SwipeHQ Shopping Cart Solution

WARNING - 2015-12-15 SwipeHQ parent company in liquidation. Several support complaints saying their network is down.

Setup fee: $100

Monthly fee: Nill

Transaction Fee: 2.75% for most merchants,0.95% for charities and NPOs. Currencies:US$, NZ$, AU$, EUR, GBP etc 

3-Day Automatic settlement of funds,No need to setup separate merchant account with a bank.


This is a great option as there is no fixed transaction fee. Just the percentage as above.

No separate merchant account fee. SwipeHQ provide everything. 

Tip: SwipeHQ is the best value payment gateway for low-medium transaction volumes.


The Revolution

In June 2012, it was announced that a brand new mobile payment processing device was about to be launched that will change the payments industry in New Zealand.

The device is currently undergoing testing and certification and is expected to be ready and available for businesses in New Zealand soon.

We wanted to know if this was asked a Kiwi initiative.., and it is. In fact it doesn't get more ‘No. 8 wire’ than the SwipeHQ reader.  The idea was scarcely nine months old when it was already at its 5th design iteration of the device. This was to ensure, from the beginning, it would be the most reliable, secure, robust and scalable credit card processing device in the mobile payments space today.

Some will compare Swipe HQ Reader with some of the other mag stripe credit card readers out there, but make no mistake: Swipe HQ Reader is the only device of its kind available on the market today that is compatible, compliant and capable of processing both EMV and Mag Stripe Transactions.

Whether you're Hamish the landscaping franchise owner, Jenny the hair stylist, Rob the taxi driver, or Emma the retail store owner, Swipe HQ is for you.

Swipe HQ is positioned as a hub for simplified payment solutions for businesses and organisations of all shapes, sizes and flavours. Their focus is to take credit card processing and general payment processing out of the ‘transactional’ box and add value without the cost associated - up till now.

Accepting credit cards online has never been easier. SwipeHQ Checkout is all about equipping the businesses of today with tools to transact better, faster, smarter and at a lower overall cost than ever before. When you use Swipe HQ Checkout to process credit card payments, life becomes super simple!

Give me a SWIPE! 


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