Telephony - Interactive Voice Menus / Cheaper Calls

If you require cheaper telephone services for a multiple staff, remote staff, out of toll coverage area, 0800 numbers or just want to cut the costs of your tolls, then we'd like to promote a great new service for you.

We can now recomend you a complete small business telephony package including:
  • Auto Attendant - Interactive Voice Menu
  • Includes 5 local DDI numbers in any part of New Zealand
  • Global phone number options including Australia or USA (and 0800 options) Global Options
  • Fax-To-Email and Email-To-Fax service ( saving the trees )
  • Locate me and call forwarding - one number will locate you whereever you are
  • Voice mail to email service
  • Upto 20 extensions for your staff, tracking call costs for each person and allowing DDI to each person. Upto 3 simultaneous calls
  • Staff can work from different offices or home offices, anywhere with broadband
  • All standard add on features like call minder, caller ID, call fowarding etc
  • All features easily managed via web interface
  • Includes 2000 free international calling minutes to landlines (NZ, Aus, UK, USA, etc)
  • Includes 50 mobile phone minutes 

How much?

  • Package only $35 per month
  • Landlines - 5 cents per minute after the first 2000 minutes
  • Mobiles - 25 cents per minute
  • 0800 - uses the 2000 minute bundle above, then charged as above.
  • International toll free numbers - 15 cents per minute for inbound calls

Setup costs?

  • If you only require inbound call services, then save hardware costs, and forward all your calls to your landline (or mobile at mobile rates)
  • For outbound calls, you really need to have a VOIP phone.
  • High quality SNOM telephones can be purchased for $300 including GST, configuration and delivery.
  • Or use your existing portable phones with an adapter for just $150
  • All services can be managed via a web interface for free.
  • Some number provisioning includes a setup fee.


  • This phone service is internet or VOIP based, and may experience some quality issues if you don't have a good broadband connection. You need a good quality broadband... eg you should be on a $40 per month plan, and vodaphone/telecom mobile broadband services are not good enough.
  • You will also need to purchase special phones for the best quality service. These phones cost around $300 including GST configured and delivered. You can use your existing portable phones if you like, using a special adapter. The adapter costs $150 and will support upto 2 phones on different numbers. See setup costs above.
  • If you want the value added services, but are happy to use your existing landline phone services, then we can set all the services up virtually and just forward all calls to your existing numbers. However, you will miss out on the cheap outbound toll calls, and may use up your 2000 minutes on call fowarding.


  • Monthly access and tolls package is paid direct by you to our preferred supplier. They will invoice you directly.

So sign me up

Please complete the enquiry form below, or click the following link. The service is provided by "2talk" and you will be billed directly by them, and eventual ongoing support is provided directly by them. We are here to get you started.


Telephony - Interactive Voice Menus / Cheaper Calls

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