Do you want your products listed on online marketplaces such as TradeMe, eBay, Amazon and The Market? This is now possible thanks to a paid service provided by "Omnivore." Website World integrates with Omnivore to sync your products out to the marketplaces, and to pull any new orders into your order list in our platform. Fees apply to use Omnivore, who will directly charge you (the merchant) 1% of your sales generated through its channels, along with a minimum monthly account fee. 

How Omnivore Works

Omnivore act as the bridge connecting your Website World eCommerce store with your choice of online marketplaces. Through this integration, Website World pushes all your product data to Omnivore, and Omnivore takes care of distributing it.

Inside your Omnivore account, you have the ability to manage the product data is has, choosing which marketplaces to send it to, price, description and shipping. The changes you make inside Omnivore will not change any of the information within your Website World store, only for the marketplaces. For specific instructions and information, please refer to the Omnivore website.

Website World then pulls external orders from Omnivore into your usual order list inside your website. 

Using Omnivore

Omnivore suggest that eCommerce retailers who have hundreds or even thousands of products, and who wish to broaden their reach consider using their platform. As well as bulk adding products to a marketplace, the additional benefits to the merchant include real-time inventory synching, full control over products to sell, including pricing and shipping, orders sent back to the original merchant store and potentially reaching a wider customer base and increased sales.

To use Omnivore with your Website World site, you will first need to sign up for an account via their website:

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