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I'm sorry, we cannot provide any information why the website you requested is offline. You will need to contact the owner of that domain name or the owner of the website containing the link that brought you to this page.

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If this is your domain name?

Congratulations, your domain name has been successfully registered. We now just require payment of your hosting fee to make your website live. Please let support know if you want to pay monthly or annually. If you have already paid, then please contact us to let us know the date and method of payment, and we will make your website live.

If your website was previously online, and you now see this page, then that is because you either requested that we take your website offline or because your account is in arrears. Please contact us asap to get your website back online.  If you still see this screen after support have changed your site back to online, then either you need to wait 1 hour, or you may need to click SHIFT-REFRESH or empty your web browser cache, so that you will see the latest version of your website.

If you want to work on your website, then please use the login box above to login and make changes to your website. If you have forgotten your password, then just enter your email address and click login, and you will receive a password notification.

If your website has only just gone live (status), or reinstated live?

Please wait 1 hour after go live status change, then press publish, then clear your browser cache, then try to access your website again. 

3 reasons you see this message, is that our server takes 1 hour to action go live requests (so wait 1 hour). The 2nd reason is our international CDN hosting network may cache the offline result, even if our main server has made it live. The only way to fix that is to publish. The 3rd reason is your own browser may have remembered the offline redirection, so the only option there is to clear your browser cache... 

Any other questions?

If you have any other question about why you are seeing this page, please contact us.