Designing Your Website

When designing a website, not only do you need to focus on what it looks like, but also how your customers will move through it. Before you begin designing, it is best to spend some time brainstorming both of these. This checklist will identify key things you will need to consider:

Website branding: what are the colours and fonts of your branding? Is your logo a PNG file to display as high quality? Do you have any pre-designed website banners or images?

What will your website need to be able to do? Provide information about products or services? Collect customer details? Provide signups to newsletters? Sell products or services? Use a variety of payment gateways? 

Domain name: do you have a domain name already? If so, are you going to move it over to us to host? If you don't have a domain name yet, is your chosen one available? We suggest using our free domain name checker tool and registering your chosen domain name with us. 

Pages: a very simple website needs a Home, About, Contact and Terms/Conditions pages. What other pages will you need to add? Product pages, category pages, blog or news page, gallery pages? Are you wanting to use any lead magnet pages?

If you would like to outsource your web design, we can make recommendations of web designers who are experienced in using our platform who will be able to do this for you. Click here to learn more about our recommended web designers and the approximate web design costs.

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