Voucher Websites

You can now create your own daily deal voucher website.

If you are running a daily deals sort of service, then use product quantity area to control timing for when a voucher might be available for purchase.

Use "automation" tab for a given product, in order to customise the voucher. eg you can make the voucher have a 6 month expiry and value of $10, however, the product itself might be purchased for $1. 

In the REPORTS area you can download a list of vouchers in recent date order, so that you can have a master copy for behind the retail counter to make sure no one is supplying or reusing fraudulent vouchers. You can access a product only vouchers report from the product automation tab under tool tips.

You can mix your vouchers with other shopping items. They only become a voucher once the automation tab has been enabled.

You can automatically load your shopping cart vouchers into the unredeemed list, for vouchers which can be later used on this same website.

You can control expiry date and value of vouchers.

Vouchers have barcodes for easy processing in real shop/bar/cafe environments.

You can add a product code barcode by supplying a product code for your product. 

You can customise the header and footer of your vouchers (but this header and footer is site wide and not specific to a product)

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