How eCommerce Video Marketing Can Increase Sales

Videos have always been popular on social media and now it seems they are making their way to websites with increasing speed. We’re going to take a look at the benefits an eCommerce business can receive from using videos, what to include in a video, tools to help you create videos and demonstrate how to add a video you have made onto both a product description and a regular web page.

Benefits of eCommerce Video Marketing

eCommerce videos are powerful tools just ready and waiting to be taken advantage of. Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages they can provide:

  • Increases conversion rates - when shopping online, the customer only has the information you put in front of them to decide on whether they will purchase your product. This includes product photos, descriptions and videos. A video can provide them with information they wouldn’t otherwise get from a description, such as demonstration of the product in use, viewing more of what the product looks like and people talking about what the product has provided for them.
  • Videos are regularly shared by visitors - if someone likes your product description, they most likely aren’t going to share it on their social media account. A video is a different story though, with customers happy to let a video explain more about a product to their friends than a product URL. Videos are also more likely to go viral online than a webpage is.
  • Helps educate customers - customers like to feel empowered and that they fully understand the ins and outs of a product. A video can go a long way in educating them about how a product works and how they can use  it.
  • Raise credibility - videos are a way of demonstrating that your product and your business is highly credible and should be trusted as videos are commonly used by high end brands.
  • Build brand awareness - using videos can help to build up brand awareness, be eye catching and educational, they can be added to a website, posted on social media or on video based sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Device users like videos - a person using a mobile phone is more likely to watch a video than someone on a desk top. With the growing percentage of mobile users using their phones for shopping and entertainment, this is only set to increase. 

Suggestions for Video Creation Tools 

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Posted: Thursday 12 August 2021