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Please contact stephanie@insinc.co.nz about the possibility to do a case study

Below are suggestions from me, but please ask her some general questions, then merge it all. 

 Insinc sells environmental consumables to shops, offices and retails ... 

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Insinc contracted Website World to custom develop several new features to help her streamline her retail and trade sales.

Product pricing can now be fine tuned to a specific customer. Previously Website World offered 8 price groups, and unlimited discounting rules. Some merchants require the ability to have a specific price for a specific product, that does not conform to the general price settings. 

Shipping can now be calculated on a drop shipping cost basis. This means, that the shipping costs of some of her suppliers are magically passed on to her customers, including free shipping thresholds etc. The supplier costs are simply calculated to produce a shipping fee that is accurate for the products chosen in the shopping cart. This can work across dozens of different suppliers. 

Website World has always made it easy to review your past orders, and repeat an order. But sometimes you need a bit of this, and a bit of that. Insinc commissioned Website World to develop a new feature where 

Insinc has commissioned an independent developer to connect their third party inventory system to the Website World API to ensure that stock and pricing is always up to date with ____?

Some of the features required by Insinc were already available, and required minimal effort to setup. 

todo: what other features is she using and enjoying?   Other feedback? 

If you are interested in adding similar features to your website, please contact Website World and a paid consultant will consider your unique requirements and develop a solution that speeds up your workflow, and makes it easier for your customers to do business with you and vice versa. 

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