Collette - Contemporary Artist

I came across webwidgets when I was looking at setting up a website for my art business. I didn't know much about having a website at the time, other than it could be extremely costly or a huge headache to start one from scratch.

At the end of the day, I had neither the funds or the know-how to take either of these options and had put the whole concept on ice to sort later on down the track.

The concept of webwidgets was simply too irresistible. It had low running costs, lots of technical support and best of all, I found I didn't have to know anything about programming to set up my own site with them. There were plenty of templates to choose from and a simply set-up system that practically anyone could manage. Let's face it, I was only just at the stage of understanding email and not much else back then!

What I like best about dealing with webwidgets, is the flexibility to change, upload and delete things on my website at my will; as an artist I need to change things really often and having to rely on others to do this as I required would simply be a nightmare.

The level of support is fantastic. Albie, Reuben and Emma answer my emails quickly and sort any problems or queries I have no matter how trivial. That sort of back-up is invaluable.

I don't hesitate recommending webwidgets to anyone considering having a website. It still allows you the control over your site, without all the programming headaches and being so affordable, it makes it all worthwhile.

Collette - Contemporary Artist

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