Pimp My Site

To enter you must

Like our Face Book Page.

Post a Message on our Facebook Page with a link to your website and the request “Please Pimp my Site”

We will openly comment and critique your web site request through our Facebook pages comment threads.  We will provide all entrants with some suggestions on what we might do to fix up your websites, and an approximate value of the work. Critiques and comments are open to the public as well and we very much welcome such input from our customers and followers. All ideas put forward by both staff and friends will be invaluable to the outcome of the Websites makeover.

On a designated day near the end of the month we will review the submissions and requests and evaluate the pimping of such sites, special consideration will be made to sites that stand out.

A few days later we will announce the site that will be pimped.

Those that mist out are welcome to resubmit there sites by reposting the original comment thread with the phrase “-----”

NOTE: You can enter any website you like however we can only do the Pimping to sites we can access through our CMS. But we are happy to give advice and Direction on your submissions

Posted: Thursday 8 March 2012


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