New look and feel

We are about to makeover both our main website and the inside of our CMS. Learn more...

The makeover of our main website

We will shortly be upgrading the look and feel of our website. The current look is now about 3 years old. There are too many competing messages on our home page. We would to continue to make our signup process accessible and easy, while conveying the message about how powerful our system is and all the things you can do with it. Keep an eye out on this blog and our facebook page to see some early screenshots.

The makeover of our CMS

The inside of our CMS is also due for a makeover. The current version of our left menu with popout "mega menus" was a huge leap when we implemented it in late 2009. 2 years later, we have a few usability improvements to make. 

First of all, users often find their mouse moving too far left, and they get the popouts when they don't really want them. Also, some users on smaller screens need to scroll down to see the whole menu. We intend to move the whole menu to the top of the page. We will then have 100% wide mega menus below that. 

The issue we will face with making any change is that some users don't like change.

The second is that all out tutorials and videos will need to be updated.  Yikes!

Posted: Tuesday 1 November 2011


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