If freight fees are weight based, then enter the weight of each product in the pricing page.

You can alternatively specify the value directly, but this is not advised as it is limited to 2 destinations.

You can now define your freight matrix

The freight description will be displayed to the user so they can select their preferred delivery option.

Selecting a country will lock the shipping address form to the relevant country.

Freight is made up of several calculations. A base fee is useful for handling costs.

In this example we are using weight based fees and will ignore item fees.

Many couriers use weight range fees. Please enter them here. For over weight orders, a per KG fee can be applied.

Please select the most appropriate tax option for this shipping destination. Sales tax is only charged on goods and services sent domestically.

A shipping destination can also force a currency. e.g. Australians may be forced to buy at the AUD rate.

Existing freight fees are displayed at the top of the screen.

Let’s see the customer experience

Select destination from those we entered

See our freight correctly calculated.