If you want to sell vouchers, create a new product.

The value of the voucher need not equal the cost to the purchaser

The product Automation area is used to define voucher settings.

The redeemable voucher value is now entered. Expiry date is optional. Tick the box if you want the voucher recipient to be able to use the voucher online, or leave it unticked for “over the counter” barcoded vouchers.

Vouchers are automatically sent if order paid by credit card. However for payment by online banking, vouchers can be posted manually

The basic printable voucher looks like this, but can be further customised with borders and graphics.

Entering pre-printed vouchers is easy

Currency, value and Voucher ID are mandatory fields. Ensure that the voucher ID is unique and not easy to guess.

Customers can use multiple vouchers in a single order. Expiry dates are optional.

Before any vouchers can be used, we must enable the voucher redemption box

The same voucher redemption box can be used for vouchers and discount codes.

At the checkout, the customer can enter their voucher IDs.
Multiple vouchers can be entered.
Any shortfall can be paid by other payment methods. Any unused voucher value will be lost once submitted. Vouchers can only be used once.