Some new hosting plans

We've decided to add a few hosting plans under our belt for those who just want a small placeholder website prior to doing something in the "future"

  • $15/month will get you a 3 page templated brochure website, with gallery and contact forms etc. However, no bulk emailer nor shopping cart features.
  • $9/month will get you a single placeholder web page. The placeholder webpage is a freeformat page with no design template and no menu etc. It's just like a word document, you can include a few images. You can include files for download, but do consider the traffic limits.
  • $150/year for charities only will get you the equivalent of the $410/year business plan. This is a special rate for charities
  • Shopping carts and large websites still start at $25/month for all the features.
  • PHP plans - now have no setup fees. Cost only $260 per year. Stay tuned for auto configuration of wordpress and other less worthy CMS or 3rd party opensource offerings. 
  • View all plans here

Posted: Thursday 18 August 2011


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